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  What makes an effective online student?
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Although instructors are expected to guide students in using e-learning tools, students must also develop the following qualities for an e-learning program to ultimately be successful.

This so because of the great freedom that e-learning offers to students compared to traditional learning.

The above graphic shows the six principles students need in order to effectively engage in an e-learning setting.

What Makes an Effective Online Student?

  • Students must keep an open mind. Learning technologies provide numerous opportunities to create an engaging learning experience. Students must be willing to learn how to use new technologies.
  • Students must remember that educators are providing a blended-learning style of teaching. Thus, students will need to participate in the classroom as well as in the online community developed for their classroom.
  • Students should learn how to use their learning management system in order to turn assignments in on time, work on collaborative group projects, and participate in online discussion forums.
  • Students should remember to ask questions! Since some students will be unfamiliar with many of these learning technologies, students are encouraged to ask questions.
  • Students should be respectful and considerate when contributing and commenting on other students' blogs and wikis. A code of conduct will be shared when students create their profiles and students must remember to follow the norms created.

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